A Business Share/Savings Account with a $5.00 minimum balance establishes you as a credit union member. This entitles you to take advantage of ALL the products and services offered by Journey Federal Credit Union .

A Business Draft/Checking Account may be opened once you are established as a credit union member.

  • No minimum balance
  • Low monthly fees depending on number of transactions* as follows: 
    • No monthly fee if under 25 transactions/items per month
    • $25.00 if between 25-100 transactions/items per month
    • $35.00 if between 101-200 transactions/items per month
    • $50.00 if more than 200 transactions/items per month

*A transaction includes: any check written, each deposit, every check within the deposit, transfers, withdrawals, ATM transactions and cash deposits.

Each account owner on the business account will have to be a member of the credit union with a $5 savings account.

When opening Business Share/Savings Account and/or a Business Draft Account you will need to bring the following:

  • Each owners & signers picture ID-with their current address on the ID
  • Tax Identification Number, if applicable
  • DBA papers or Corporate Resolution

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