Start Using Your Upgraded Bill Pay Account Today

Your online bill pay account from Journey Federal Credit Union is now even simpler and more convenient. That’s because your upgraded Bill Pay home page is now a dashboard that allows you to view your payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances at a glance. Click here to learn more and view a demo of how it works!

Here are some common questions about e*Pay bill pay:

1. What is the fee?
There is a small fee of $2.50. (If you are an online account user or are over 60, this product is free.) It's easy to become an online account user - just sign up for e-Statements and we will be happy to reward you with free Bill Pay. With e-Statements you will receive your statement via an e-mail link. This is a safe, secure way to access your statement, you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail.

2. Where is the bill pay located?
You will see a link in online banking that says “Bill Pay” and you can click on that. At that point, you can choose to look around bill pay by clicking on “go to bill pay” without enrolling or you can just choose to “activate now” and fill out the enrollment form.

3. What is a security key?
The security key has been established for your protection. This will scroll at the top of the page, in the left-hand corner, each time you log into bill pay. It lets you know you are on the authentic web bill pay site. You do not have to remember this, as you will not have to type it again. Mine says “HI KELLY” but you can make it any 10 characters you like.

Bill Pay Demo

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