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Our FREE mobile app is available for Android and iOS phones. With this app, you can transfer funds, view account balances, make loan payments and much more!

Download the app to access your account anytime, anywhere today.

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You must have access through online banking to use our mobile app. For more information on online banking, click here.

Mobile App Basics Video

Looking for information on Mobile Check Deposit? Click here for more.

Mobile App Login Options

Our mobile app allows you multiple ways to securely login and access your JFCU account. You can use the traditional method of entering your username and password or one of the following three options:

  • Voice Authentication - Use your voice to secure your login. This option will require you to record a passphrase. You will repeat the passphrase 3 times. Once complete, you can select the Voice option (microphone) for future logins.
  • PIN Authentication - Create a PIN (PIN icon) that you can enter rather than trying to remember your password. Learn more here.
  • Face ID Authentication - If your phone is compatible, you can use facial recognition (face icon) to access your account. Learn more here.

Mobile App Card Controls

Take control of your JFCU Debit Card with Mobile App Card Controls! Conveniently located within our mobile app, you can view recent transactions, lock your debit card, activate notifications, and more. Simply log into your account using our mobile app, look for the debit card image (like the one shown below), and tap on "Card Controls" to get started!

debit card controls

For additional information, click here.

Mobile Payments Available

Your JFCU Debit Card allows you to take advantage of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay!

Click here to learn more about Google Pay.

Check out the Apple Pay guided tour by clicking here.

For details on Samsung Pay, learn more by clicking here.


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