This is Journey Federal Credit Union's debit card. You can use the card as an ATM card and/or a debit card. Use it when buying gasoline or groceries or use it at any Journey Federal Credit Union ATM or search for a surcharge-free ATM through the CO-OP ATM Locator.

Debit Card Contest

Mobile Payments Available

Your JFCU Debit Card allows you to take advantage of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay!

Click here to learn more about Google Pay.

Check out the Apple Pay guided tour by clicking here.

For details on Samsung Pay, learn more by clicking here.

Overdrafts and Fees

Overdrafts* can occur when using your ATM/Debit Card. An overdraft occurs when you do not have sufficient available funds in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. We look at the available balance when determining whether there is an overdraft. Available balance is the ledger balance minus any deposits or withdrawals that are on hold or transactions that have been preauthorized but that have not yet been debited from your account. To learn more about how we can cover your overdrafts, click here.

*A member must repay or cover an overdraft immediately and no later than 30 days or the Courtesy Pay may be removed. The fee on each overdraft is $29.00.  JFCU may pay for an overdraft if a member has opted into Debit Card Overdraft (Reg E) or regular or regular overdraft protection, otherwise the overdraft amount would need to be paid by the member.

Lost/Stolen Cards:

To report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card during normal business hours, please call us at 989-227-3700. After regular business hours or on the weekend, please call 888-263-3370.



Card Activation: 855-726-4885

Chargebacks/Disputes: 833-995-2888 (8am-9pm EST M-F; 9am-3pm EST SAT.)

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