Our Journey Forward continues as we embark on a path to transform what it means to do your banking with us. With an unwavering focus on financial wellness and dedication to improve the member experience, we will soon transform our standard teller services to usher in an advanced banking environment where technology meets exceptional service. Over the next few months, we will begin remodeling two of our branch locations, installing new Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), and enter an intensive training period that will equip our staff with the skills and certification that allows them to guide our members on their financial wellness journey.

What to Expect

Staff Development
Starting Wednesday, July 10, 2024, all JFCU locations will open late every Wednesday at 10:30 AM to facilitate an intensive employee training program. This training is crucial for aligning our staff with our new model described above and aims to significantly enhance the benefits we offer to our members.

During this period, our team will undergo credit counseling certification, receive training on both new and existing products & services, and participate in community involvement activities. These efforts are part of our commitment to ensuring that our members receive the highest level of service and support on their financial journeys. 

We expect all locations to resume normal hours of operation in early November and will continue to post updates to this page as well as our socials to keep everyone up to date on our progress. 


Refreshed Appearance
Later this year, we will begin transforming our St. Johns and Ovid Branch locations by installing Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) and making some much-needed updates to improve the look and feel of our lobbies. These changes will bring the future of banking to our community and offer a variety of benefits to our members and staff. As we work through these improvements, construction projects will inevitably impact our ability to serve you in our lobby and drive-thru areas at various times. We will post updates to this page as well as our socials to keep everyone informed of specific construction dates and areas of impact as we move through our remodel.


Career Advancement Opportunities
Taking this next step in our journey forward also means a change in our staff. As we move away from the traditional teller role, we remove the barrier between our team and our members, allowing our staff to focus on personalized member service and financial wellness. In addition to the training that begins in July, staff will also be learning new skills that will help them to serve in one of our new roles at JFCU: Financial Pathfinder and Financial Navigator.

Our Navigators will be the faces you see when you visit our branches in person. They will be able to assist in using the new ITMs, open accounts, and provide financial counseling services. Pathfinders will function as part of our contact center and work behind the scenes to assist with ITM transactions that require virtual assistance. These new positions are designed to put the financial wellness of our members first. We’re thrilled about the opportunities this provides for the development and advancement of our staff! 


Other notable benefits of this transformational journey include:

     clock Extended Service Hours
In a national survey, 28% of people reported difficulty accessing a financial branch during regular banking hours*. If you work during the day, our new ITMs will allow for a personalized member experience that goes beyond regular branch hours. Our friendly staff will help you manage your account, make payments to bills or credit cards, and even apply for new lines of credit during extended hours and from the convenience of our drive-thru.

      More Efficient Service
Whether you’re wanting to make a transaction or needing a personal interaction, we are putting the choice in your hands to increase efficiency, access, and give you more choice and control over your banking experience. ITMs will also help streamline internal operations and bring JFCU into the future of banking.


What's changing?
The way you bank with us, the look and feel of our lobbies, and the role of our staff and how they interact with our members.

What’s staying the same? 
Your account numbers, checks, direct deposit, and any loan due dates will remain unchanged. Our contact information, including phone and routing numbers, will also remain the same. 

What is an ITM, and why is JFCU converting to this new technology? 
ITMs are Interactive Teller Machines. The video screen allows for a self-service transaction option or a seamless member experience with one of our Financial Pathfinders who are happy to help virtually. 

What can I do with the new ITMs? 
Get help managing your account, make payments to credit cards, pay bills via Bill Pay services, make a deposit or withdrawal from an account, apply for a new account, and even apply for a new loan. 

What if I need cash or change? 
The ITMs work like an enhanced ATM so whether you are making a deposit or a withdrawal from your JFCU account, the transaction will be very similar when you put cash in or take cash out. Our Financial Navigators will be able to assist with any coin-related transaction when you visit our branch lobby. 

When can I access the new ITMs? 
We expect the ITMs to be available for use in the Fall of 2024. 

Are my funds and personal data secure during this transition? 
Yes! Your personal data, account information, and funds will remain safe and secure during this process. 

Will I still be able to use my debit card during the upgrade process? 
Yes, you will still be able to use your debit and ATM card. 

How can I prepare? 
Make note of the important closure dates as they are announced and plan ahead. Please also note that you may experience longer than normal wait times in the lobby, as well as longer response times for emails and voicemails. We recommend planning accordingly knowing these times may be longer than usual, and we appreciate your patience as we work to improve your financial journey!

If you have any questions on this Journey Forward, please call 989.227.3700 or email us at questions@journeyfcu.org.


Published July 17, 2024

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